Woven Threads, animation documentary series, The Gift
Director: Michi Marosszeky

The story of the project

Our shared human condition is the inspiration for Woven Threads. Regardless of creed or colour we are all part of the same human family—we all seek love and a safe place to call home. Through humour, delightful animations and simple story telling,Woven Threads places the asylum seeker or refugee into a circumstance with which we can identify. 

Our aim is to involve and inform. We want people to realise that the world-wide negative and punitive methods employed to stop refugees and asylum seekers is not merely a process of scaremongering but immoral. Through silently acquiescing in such policies we debase our own humanity. There are many of us who do not agree with this approach, but if we don't voice our objection we give our tacit assent. By supporting Woven Threads we can begin to be heard, begin to break down barriers and possibly reconnect with our humanity.